We believe the encouragement and opportunity are the key concepts to the unfolding of the whole child. Play is the main avenue for learning and can represent participation in life itself. Within that play are opportunities and developmentally appropriate challenges… to explore, to question, to touch, to see, to express emotions, to problem solve, to make choices, to observe, to socialize, to find joy, to have fun…

Nurturing caregivers provide the children with encouragement helping them to know their individuality, to reach beyond themselves and to interact with and to respect others.

We believe that for the child, it is as important to “feel” as to “know”. The seeds that will produce knowledge and wisdom will grow in the fertile soil of healthy emotions and well-developed senses.

At Fairfield Island Preschool differences are celebrated. Children are encouraged to develop a sense of pride in themselves and their heritage. Our program and education materials are carefully designed to be non-racist and non-sexist as well as age-appropriate.

We believe in a commitment to flexibility and openness, for as the child grows so must the environment.

The child needs to feel trust towards the adults in his/her environment. Adults who will respect the child’s ability to develop one’s self and provide the opportunity and means to develop it further. Each child is an individual and as an individual will develop and learn in their own way, at their own pace. Children need time to be children.

Our major goal must be in the development of a positive self-esteem. For it is only then that a child can face their present with confidence and then boldly move on to his/her unknown future while respecting and understanding the needs and feelings of others.

“No matter what the program, no matter how the adults may turn it into something else, the primary occupation of most children before culture inhibitions and formal schooling take over- is play. Play is their way of coping with life. Play is early life hood at its best.” – Clare Cherry.

Accordingly, the program at Fairfield Island Preschool is based on the premise that children learn through play. To best meet needs, our physical space has been arranged to include a variety of learning centres. The activities within these particular areas are planned on a daily and weekly basis and are focused on a particular theme. A theme may last for a week or two and allows the children to become involved in a variety of activities and experiences. Within the framework of each theme, we incorporate many goals such as fine motor development (i.e. cutting, pre-printing skills, grasp), gross motor development (i.e. balance, special awareness), concept development (i.e. shapes, math concepts, pre-reading skills), and social/emotional development (sharing, turn taking, participation).